Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Brief, but very important intermission......

Our Church had our Christmas play the Sunday before Christmas! Talk about AMAZING!!!!!! Jackson was a Shepard and Stephen was a sheep!!! They did great and I was ever so proud!! I actually took all the play pictures before the play. It worked out because I was able to sit front row during rehearsal and snap these good pictures!!

This was right after the play. Just a few people new about the paintings. They were from Friendship Baptist Church here in Cleveland. The painters were dressed in all white and there was a guy to the side dressed in a red shirt. When they were done painting the painters got on their knees behind the canvas and the guy with the red shirt came with a sponge with red paint and I know you can look at the paintings and see what happened next. I was truly blessed by our play!

This is AMAZING!!!!!!! And our Jesus CHRIST is AMAZING!!!

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