Saturday, December 12, 2009

Very Impatiently waiting for our Christmas cards in the mail

Here are a few other pictures from the 3rd try of getting 1(ONE) good Christmas card picture. With one Child and the one child being Jackson I could get a GREAT picture like the 1st time. I did not have to try 3 times. He always posed and did great!! Well last year I did not get the GREAT picture I wanted. I got a good one, but not exactly what I wanted. So we have taken SEVERAL this year and just to let you know I have taken 185 to be exact. I think oh this will be great and then I look and Stephens head is turned or his whole body is turned or his pants are wet on the belly because it had been raining and his mother did not hold his hand while walking and he tripped and fell face 1st on the ground. Or he has a huge screw driver and his bubba trys to get a hug and secretly takes it from him, but the screw driver is still in the picture. Or Jackson has a weird smile or he is looking away from the camera. While Bart was headed to Boston after Thanksgiving I took a picture (our Christmas card picture)and thought oh I LOVE it, but I am sure Bart will hate it. So I kept trying to take another GREAT picture and still was not satisfied. I begged Bart to look at the pictures with me on the computer and he was in love with the same picture I was in love with. I can't wait to show the Christmas card, but I can't till I get them mailed. I am very very impatiently waiting for them to be delivered, but they are coming from the United Kingdom, so I imagine they will be here sometime before Christmas 2010. I will be so happy when the mail man delivers them. I will be just sick if they don't come soon. Bart even ask if they have came yet. Hopefully next week.

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