Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve with the Skelton Family (Buford)

Christmas EVE with the Skelton family in Buford was great! Mickey and Betty (Bart's uncle and aunt) hosted this year! I was great to see the family. The kids were great and they racked up on some super cool toys!!!

Jackson and Stephen with Aunt Carolyn.

The 3 kids. Kadie, Jackson and Stephen

Stephen loved all his toys and was excited to see a train set!!!

Jackson got an awesome football toy!!! HE LOVES IT!!

2 of the sweetest girls!! Ansley and Staci loved Stephen!! Stephen really liked Ansleys phone!!

We had a great time and some pretty darn good food!! They are an awesome group of family and I hate we don't get to see them much.

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  1. We had a wonderful time with you all. Like you said - wished we could get together more often. Now that I know where you out! I may stalk you...Happy New Year :)
    The Pealock's


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