Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jackson's 3rd grade school year 2011-2012

Schools out.  He passed the CRCT test and we are going to enjoy a much needed summer break.  This has been a fantastic year.  We have had lots of ups and downs, but this is by far the best school year we have ever had.  Last year I did a post on Jackson's 2nd grade school year.  You can click here and read about what all he was up to last year.  I really enjoyed doing it last year as you can look back and try to remember what they looked like and what they were interested in or what was going on in their life.  Its hard to believe that this time next year I will be doing 2 since Stephen will be going to pre k.  Okay on to the list cause it gets me sad.

1st day of school.  Picked out his own clothes .  Was mad at me cause I wouldn't buy him a new book bag.

Football.  It was rec dept night.  The kids had a blast!!

In August you got another trophy at the race track.


Football against Dawsonville!

Last points race in Commerce


wearing pick socks for Breast Cancer awareness month

pumpkin farms

Celebrating turning 9 years old

Celebrating your birthday at school

birthday boy and mom!!

Going to Greer Dragway for the 1st time.  Winning $100 and coming in 3rd place!

Field Trip

Carved a pumpkin all by himself without anyones help at all!


Book Parade at school

His Aunt Holly spray painted his hair!!!

EVERYONE loved his orange hair!!


Banquet for Atlanta Dragway Th place!!

Thanksgiving at Pamela's house


Helping make slime

Santa Claus

Cuteness with mommy!!!

Polar Express Train ride

Christmas play at church

awesome Shepard!!

Christmas EVE


1st time to Cades Cove

Wilderness at the Smokies indoor water park

really fast go karts!

1st time at Japanese Steak house and getting to cook there!!

Eye doctor saying he only had to wear while reading!


Trying to get good videos so you can be famous on you tube!!

Being to brave!!

Star Student 
Dr Seuss

lots of friends coming over

MARCH 2012

Holding Grace for the first time!

Teacher work day going to Grandpas driving range

start of the racing season

start of baseball

1st trophy of the year!

APRIL 2012

1st time to six flags

playing with racing friends

getting exciting news about the Southern Nationals

MAY 2012

Being an awesome catcher

Family picnic

being famous for a day

driving his car during the Southern Nationals

End of baseball party

Field day

snow cones

Field day

Well heres to summer and a great 4th grade!!!

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  1. Looks like you have had one tremendous, wonderful year Jackson!! I may not get to come and see all of your activities, but that certainly does not mean that I love you less. It means that when I do get to see you, I love seeing you more. Keep up the hard work. Anything worth having is worth working hard at it. I will be praying for you during the summer, on into 4th grade, through your sports and all of your racing. It does not seem possible that you are old enough to go to the 4th grade! Love, Meme


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