Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We have exciting news!!!!!!!!!!

Bart and I had to get Jackson off of his dirt bike and have a conversation with him.  He looks a little nervous like maybe he is thinking hes in big trouble or something!!
Bart and Juli:  Jackson we need to talk to you

Bart:  Do you want to go the the Southern Nationals and display your car?

Bart: and run your car down the track in front of everyone there during the Southern Nationals?

Obviously Jackson said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yep that is right.   We have super super exciting news!  Jackson gets to put his car on display at the Southern Nationals at Atlanta Dragway on Sunday.  As long as there is good weather, no wrecks, no oil spills or anything else bad happen Jackson will get to run his car down the track one time.  We are SOOOOO excited about this and can hardly contain our excitement.  I am super nervous cause I hear from lots of people its super loud.  Like shake the stadiums loud and its sounds like thunder loud when you are driving down 441 loud!  Jackson gets to do this because of his points last year.  He tied for second in the 8-9 yr old class and the other boy and his family were nice enough to let us do it.  He got to do it last year and I thought it was nice that they wanted someone else to do it this year.  I have never been so I really have no idea what to expect!  Bart says I have no clue and that their are grown men who come every year wishing they could do this.  AND here my 9 yr old gets to do it!!  When Lynn called to tell us that we were definitely getting to do it I got tears in my eyes!  I mean its a big deal, and to think about all the things that Jackson has been through it just makes me really happy.   
I made these cards up and had Walgreens print them out for me.  I got a really good deal and had 200 printed for only 21.40!  I know I am super cool at finding deals!  Jackson has been working on his signature aka his initials JE!!  Poor kid would really hate doing autographs after signing 200 of them Jackson Earwood!  But anyways...........

Since I am not very computer smart it took me a long time to figure out how to design it.  I never edit pictures I just download them!!  I knew I wanted something really neat and I think I did a good job!  Bart loves them and Jackson is really excited to do it as well!  I think he likes them alot!!  They are so not professional, but who cares!!  I am sure the kids who gets them will throw them away the next week.

I always think people are making fun of me when they see my camera!  I know I take alot of pictures, but for this exact reason I am soooo glad I do and people can just make fun of me!  I love how the main picture is taken.  It has the words southern nationals, his full race car and the Tree.  I didn't like the stadium so I found two other pictures and put them right on top of the picture!!

So check back next week cause I know I will have some awesome pictures to post!!

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