Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

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Its rainy today, but I am loving that the boys have been able to play outside and burn some energy and get have a easy time going to bed!

I am loving their Thermos'.  Stephen was stung by a bee 2 summers ago by a bee stuck in  his sippy cup.  He didn't see it and started drinking it, then he started drinking.  Anyways I love things to help keep them cold.  I will put ice in them in the mornings and fill it up all day with water.  They stay cold and as long as they close the lid no bees can get in it!  Life savers on a hot day!!

I am loving that my little boy is so proud of himself and his soccer medal!

I am loving watching my oldest be the catcher!

I love when I get to take Matt to the ball park with us.  He plays with Stephen and I love that Stephen has someone to play with so I can actually watch the game.  

I love that I had an amazing weekend and a great family picnic!

I am loving looking back at all the pictures from the past weekend.  Jackson got to run his car during the Southern Nationals!  If you haven't read about what Jackson got to do you can read all about it here.

I am loving that I get to see my oldest sister Pamela for Mothers Day.

I am loving that I got to see my 2 youngest nieces Tuesday night.  Jayden played an awesome baseball game.  (Sorry Jodi I didn't take any pictures) and I got to cuddle with Grace while we all ate at Dairy Queen.

I am also loving that my niece Vanessa is expecting!  I secretly hope its a girl, but just praying that mom and baby are healthy.  Vanessa has been sick, but I texted her earlier in the week and she was doing some better.

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