Sunday, May 6, 2012

Southern Nationals 2012

This truly was an amazing weekend.  It was slammed packed with lots of activities.  Friday night we did not plan anything and it was a good thing.  We stayed at Pam and Farrell's washing the truck and trailer till 9.  Got the boys in, fed and bathed.  Bart stayed in the shopped working his butt off loading everything up.  Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and headed out.  We had baseball and a family picnic.  (more pics to come later!)  After the picnic Stephen went home with Pam and Farrell and me, Bart and Jackson packed the last minute food items and headed out.  We got to the track around 6:30 and we hung out till we got hungery. 

Since we were hungry and I really didn't feel like making anything we drove the golf cart to Wendys!  Maddie Kate rode with us and Jackson stayed at the track playing football with Nate!

Saturday morning we got up way to early and got our car on display.  Since Jackson put his car on display  he got to stay at the Junior tent and pass out autograph cards!  The boys thought they were hot stuff!!

You can kinda see the 3 cars on display.  There were 5 on display today.  

This was Jackson's view the majority of the day.  His stack of pictures.  He went through 190!!

If the boys weren't signing autographs they were known to run off and get parts from various trailers.  They would walk around asking if they had any parts they couldn't use or whatever!  We joked around and said they would have enough parts to build a new funny car if only someone would donate a body!!

Jackson was one of 4 able to do an expedition run or as Jackson called it.......showing out, he had to  have his car inspected by tech.  It wasn't our normal tech it was actual NHRA tech people.  It was super awesome and I know it made Jackson super excited!  He actually ran off to get more parts and the tech guy showed up.  Papa went to find him and he came back just in time to sign it.  I kick my self now cause I meant all day for him to sign it and let me take a picture like I did for Bristol.  It all happened so fast, I forgot to get him to sign it early on, and forgot in the midst of it all to take a picture.  Super bummed, but guess I gotta get over it.  

Its a big deal cause the guy in the yellow shirt has all kinds of authority .  If Jackson's car isn't perfect then he did not get to run.  Thankfully all they had to do was rearrange some weight.  

Here Jackson is signing autographs!  He was so precious!

This girl came up and every body was making such a big deal.  Since I don't know anything about racing I was clueless. I asked someone who she was and they said Karen Stoffer.  I was like okay great.  Come to find out she is famous.  Yep! She is the Geico Motorcycle girl!

I told Jackson to ask her to come take a picture with him.  I overheard  her ask him, so do you want a picture or does your mom want a picture.  He was like my mom wants a picture.  I was kinda embarrassed cause I know people laugh at me taking so many pictures, but I really wanted to say Jackson shes famous one day you will want the picture!!

She signed his helmet

and posed for a great picture!!!  Thanks Karen!!

After the individual shots, I asked for a group shot.  She gave me her black berry and again I was embarrassed because I don't know how to work those stupid things and she had to show me!  After I gave her phone back to her she was like do you care if I tweet this!  I was like sure go ahead, but I really have no idea what that is!!  I am going to look it up!

This picture didn't turn out good at all, but its still cute!

Some famous guy I don't know his name.  

Jackson's display area!

Jackson was thrilled his little friend came and found him!!

He thought he was pretty special having people there he knew!

Melanie Troxel came up and again I had no clue who she was.  The only way I knew someone famous was there  was because I over heard someone say I wonder if they even know shes here!  So I figured it was someone famous.  So of course I got my camera!  I didn't want to sound like a complete idiot so I didn't ask her name.  I looked it up on the NHRA website when we got home oh and we watched the race for a little while at Nana and Papas while picking Stephen up and they had interviewed her and I recognized her name!

Jackson was excited to have her sign his helmet!

and of course mamas got to get a picture of them together!!

During some point of the day they cranked all the junior cars that were on display.  It attracted several people and I wanted to be able to remember it! 

Sweet Maddie Lee!!!

Another famous motorcycle guy.  I didn't remember his name so I looked it up on the NHRA website.  I think its Shawn Gann.  Super nice to the junior and spent a while at the junior tents!!

I don't know what he is saying to Jackson but I love his sweet little face looking up to him!  Wish I knew what he was thinking!  Love that the Popsicle is hanging out of his mouth!!

Signing his helmet!

Jackson and Austin did the exhibition run together!  He is super sweet and Jackson really likes playing with him!!

Waiting to go to the staging lanes!  Great photo opportunity!

I am never in the pictures so I took the time to get one!!

My super sweet husband knows my love for pictures and knew I wanted to get as many as I could to remember this day.  So glad he let us get a picture!!

Its time to go. 

Love this picture!

Bart just cranked it!!

My favorite!!  

Jackson and Austin ready to go!

In the water box doing his burn out!!!!  Bart said the track was so sticky from the big cars!!

Love this to!!

Getting up to the tree!!

He did so good!!  Look at all the people!!  On the tech card there was a spot for occupation.  Since he obviously doesn't have a job he is a student.  I am so glad I put that he was a student at Mossy Creek because he announced it over the loud speakers!!

The view I had from the golf cart when we were going back to the pits!

Side view from Wesley, Jackson and Austin.  I am so mad we should have got Maddie Lees car up there.  I guess I was to excited and forgot! 

The whole Skelton Racing group!!

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  1. This is just awesome! What a great thing for Jackson to go through. How happy I am that he got to experience this. The pictures are so good. Oh gracious alive, there are hardly any pictures that Jackson does not have that huge smile on his face. You and Bart have done such great things for the boys! Love, Mom


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