Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Harvest @ Church

Wednesday night was our Fall Harvest get together at church. We had a great time! Jackson was more interested in playing football with the big kids than anything else. He loves those kids and since they are pretty darn good boys I guess I don't mind him hanging out with them. Stephen outside at my moms!! I LOVE Micky Mouse and I found it like 75% off so I got it for 7.99!! It keeps him very warm!!

Jackson is Bible Man. I did not buy him a costume this year. I told him I would make him what ever Disney costume he wanted, but he settled on his Bible Man attire. He is going trick or treating with Rodney so he has a costume there.

Stephen LOVED this scarecrow!

Look at that pretty smile of his!!! He decided to not wear his costume because it took to long to put on and take off in between playing football.

Cameron is such a sweet boy!!! And a cute little cowboy!!
Saturday we are heading down to dads house, but I am not sure if we will do any trick or treating. Lord knows we don't need the candy at my house!!! If you are going out trick or treating be safe and have fun!!!

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