Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Jackson!!

Happy Birthday Baby!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! Jackson with the person he loves most!! He is a great big brother!!

Jackson playing Tball this year.

Something he loves is helping me in the kitchen.

OH MY!!!!! Isn't he a doll???

Another one of my favorites!!!

Jackson was 4. That year loved NIKE Shocks?? Loved his hair being spiked and being active!!

Almost 5 and loved playing soccer!!!

5 years old and so sweet!!!

3 almost 4 and LOVED playing in the dirt!!!

4 years old

Tomorrow will be Jackson's 7th birthday. Oh My Goodness........ Where has the time gone??? Seems like yesterday I was excepting him and today he is almost as tall as me. It was a Monday afternoon when I went to the dr for my regular weekly check up. I think I even had an ultrasound. I was measuring big and they wanted to induce. I wanted to wait till Friday because Dr. Reinhardt was the doc on call. They told me to go in on Thursday to get things started. I worked Thursday and around 1 or 2 I just did not feel good so I called the nurse and she said go ahead and get there. I remember meeting my mom and Tiff in Gainesville to get my camera battery and heading to NEGMC. Dad, JoAnna, Pamela, Mary Grace and Kahlab visited me that night. It was a nice evening. Friday morning is when things really got started and the contractions got worse around 6 am. I don't really remember much about the day because I was so tired. I remember them breaking my water and I remember Dr. Reinhardt coming in to apologize because he had to leave on a family emergency and I remember meeting Dr. Conor and thinking man he talks really loud. I wont bore ya'll with the rest. The main thing is I delivered a healthy sweet baby boy at 7:37pm by CSection. He weight 9lbs 7 oz and was just so precious. I don't have any baby pictures on my computer, but here are a few from the past 2 years.

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