Friday, October 2, 2009

Goldbrook Pumpkin Farm

I picked Jackson up from school this afternoon and thought it would be a normal afternoon of playing outside with the boys. Jackson was in the mood to do something else and begged to go to a pumpkin farm. I am a big sucker and its really really hard to say know to the two cute blonde boys in the back, especially when Jackson is giving me that really cute smile that makes his one and only dimple shine!! Oh how those boys melt my heart. It is a tradition to go to Burts every year. That was to far for today so we settled on Goldbrook which is on 52 right where the HUGE rocking chair is. Just some cute little houses on the hay ride!

Me and Stephen. Not really a good picture and he just learned where his forehead is and thinks its super cool to touch it at all times!!!

My sweet little Jackson and me. I took the picture and attempted to get Stephen in it, but I guess he did not want to be in it and started to take off.

Its blurry, but you get the point!! We had alot of fun. Jackson was a little disappointed that they did not have talking pumpkins, but he really did enjoy it.

Jackson looks scared. I don't know why?? He LOVES a good hay ride!!!

The famous chair. Several of my friends have taken their children here and taken their picture in it. Finally I have my kids picture with it!!!

Stephen was sooooo sweet picking out a pumpkin!!! Oh and he HAD to wear his cowboy boots. Papa would be proud!!

Jackson can't wait to go to Burts and get a big pumpkin to carve. We want to wait a little longer so it will not rot before Halloween.
I LOVE fall time and can't wait to decorate the house. Hopefully I can do that Monday. Pictures will surely follow!!

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