Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Morning 2010

Here are the boys Christmas morning after seeing what santa brought. They open presents from each other 1st then from mom and dad!! Stephen got Jackson a WWE wrestler that he has been wanting for a while!!
Jackson got Stephen a salty train from Thomas and friends and another small one!
After opening presents from each other then it was time to open from us. Stephen was a little distracted and wanted to play with what Jackson got him. I think I finished opening his presents and Bart opened the big one. Bart got him a four wheeler. I know, I know what everyone is probably thinking? He was crazy and I still think that! Its 3 weeks after Christmas and he only rode it 1 time!! He got a few more trains, a carpet with roads and stuff on it, a buzz lightyear phone and camera and a few chuggington trains!!

Jackson got a few things for his iTouch, some Racing gear for his dragster, a Life is Good Tshirt, a camo snuggie, a new pair of crocs, and who knows what else!!
Stephens new 4wheeler! Jackson tried helping him, but it was cold and so they only rode for a few minutes!!

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