Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 3: Animal Kingdom!!

It was a great day at Animal Kingdom!! This is the place where Jackson turned into a roller coaster boy. Bart has stated that this place had his favorite roller coaster. It was pretty awesome!! My 2 boys love looking at animals so they really enjoyed the day!! Don't know who this is, but I know he comes from the Lion King!! Stephens face cracks me up!! Goofy was a favorite!! This was right after you walked in and it was called the Rain forest Cafe!!
Gods beautiful rainbow!!

The tree of life!! All over the tree had carvings of animals. Truly amazing!!




Waiting on a little ride.


This was in a walk through little zoo inside the park. They had tons of little houses and Stephen LOVED them. He would point and say little little house!!

On the AWESOME safari ride or maybe it was the jungle ride??

Stephen and Papa!

They had baby elephants, but I did not get a good picture. Our truck was moving really fast!!

An awesome parade!!

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