Friday, January 14, 2011

Disney November 2010

In November we took a trip to Walt Disney World! We had so much fun! Stephen was free this year, but I had to get a picture of him holding a Disney ticket!!

Click here to see Magic Kingdom Day 1 and 2
Click here to see Animal Kingdom Day 3
Click here to see Epcot Day 4
Day 5 and 6 where to Hollywood Stuidos. I have not bloged about those days. Bummer they were our faves. maybe one day!

Jackson, Stephen and Jayden!! We took the Ferry the 1st day there! It was Awesome!!

Farrell is taking pictures and then its Jackson, Pam, Jayden Holly and Jason
These are my inlaws! They are the best inlaws any girl could ever ask for. Growing up I dreaded getting married because I was scared I would get terrible in laws. I prayed for a good husband, but most of my prayers asked God for good inlaws!! He blessed me with Pam and Farrell!! If it wasn't for these 2 people we would have never been able to go to Disney! They treated us big time!!

This is me and my hubby Bart!! He does not like pictures or maybe its me?? No really he hates pictures, but the sun was in his eyes also!! These of course are my 2 luvs!! Jackson and Stephen!!!

We spent a whole week there. We went to each of the 4 parks. We went to the Magic Kingdom 2 times and Hollywood Studios twice. So I will break my post down into the 4 parks not days!!

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  1. What a great family!

    Nice to see other Disney families. We leave tommorow for out trip out there and I just stopped my packing up the suitcases to blog for a minute. Hope you had a great time!


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