Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 1 and 2 Magic Kingdom

We spent our 1st two days at the Magic Kingdom! It was AWESOME!! I felt like a kid again! Can't wait to go back one day!! Day 2 in pictures come 1st then the last is day 1. Sorry I am not good at organizing pictures on blogger.

The lighted parade was a crowd favorite!! Stephen is in love with trains so he really liked this one. Me Bart and Stephen watched the parade while Jackson watched with Nana and Papa so I don't know which one was his favorite!
I took tons of pictures, but I will only spare you with 2!

Stephens favorite ride was Its a small World After All. We rode it twice!!

The 1st time we rode it was with Nana, Papa, me, Stephen, Jackson and Jayden!

Look at that little dimple!!

AWE :) love my hubby!! The second time riding!! Only Stephen me and Bart went!

Yeah I could go for this!!

I think Jackson got tired of me taking his picture!!

OH SO SWEET!!! Stephen LOVED his mickey mouse ice cream!!
The pictures are a little backwards. Sorry!! Stephen and Daddy on the Safari ride at MK

Waiting on the Safari ride at Magic Kingdom got very tiresome!! It was 90 min long. So we waited a long time!! It was a great ride so it was worth it!! While we waited we ate snacks, played a little hand game, let the kids run wild, took potty breaks and of course took some silly pictures!!

Jackson loved the ride and so did Stephen!!

Me and my cutie pie Jackson about to ride the Aladdin ride!! Jackson was the driver of the ride and the camel spits on you when you go by. He tried getting me wet, but he did not!!!

Papa and Stephen riding behind us.

My mother in law Pam and Jayden (my sweet niece!!)

Bart took this picture of me and Jackson in the middle, my brother in law Jason to the right and Farrell on the left!

Stephen and Daddy. Stephen waited so patiently in all of the lines. We had to wait some very long lines, but for a 2 year old he did great!!

My Sweet Stephen waiting for the Aladdin ride. 45 min wait!

This was the tree house! These kids are so cute!!

Jackson 8 years old!!

Jackson was the 1st to pass out! This was the 1st night!!

Stephen was last to fall asleep!

Me and my 2 boys!!

My sweet mother in law Pam and father in law Farrell!

The McCollums: Jason, Holly and Jayden

Not a very good family picture!! I made me and the boys where our flag shirts and wanted a picture taken on Main Street USA

Jackson and Jayden loved the Carousel at night!

Stephen loved it as well!!

We waited forever for the Winnie Pooh ride!! It was neat. They had a few activities for the kids and Stephen really loved the one where the little Chipmunks jumped out of the ground!!

My boys were tired by this time so they decided to kick Eeyore out of his den and they took a little nap!!

Seriously? This would work for me!!!

This was the Buzz Lightyear ride at MK

Jason and Holly rode together

Daddy and Jackson
Jayden rode with Me and Stephen
Stephen loved it!!
On day 1 we got to experience the day time parade!! It was great as well!!
Papa and Stephen rode the cars while the rest of the group did the Lilo and Stich show. Stephen was to short and so Papa took him to do this!!
Afterwards we met up and waited in line to do the cars as a group again. Bart and Farrell waited and took pictures for me!!
Pam and Jackson. Jackson was about 1 inch to short. Why I have no idea. He was tall enough to do Space Mountain, but not this?? Did not make much sense, but he had fun anyways!!
Momma and Stephen

We got to meet lots of characters while in Disney!! This shot of the grandparents and grandkids was great!!

AWE:)!! I love this one!!
My 2 boys!!
Up next: Epcot Day 3

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