Monday, January 10, 2011

A New Year and New Start!!!

2010 was a great year!! I feel so blessed for all things that happened in 2010. With a new year starting I prayed and thanked God for blessing me in 2010. I also took time to thank him for being with us and for all the things he would do in 2011.

2010 was a great year for me and in March I decided I would try to loose some weight. First of all I am so embarrassed to share these pictures, but I thought I would go ahead and get over it. I have always been heavy. I can remember being made fun of so bad in middle school. Those were the hardest years. I have not ever done anything about it. I would start a diet and loose 5 lbs and then stop and regain it all and maybe some extra. When I was expecting Jackson it got really bad. I gained alot and did not really loose any except for what Jackson weighed. When I was expecting Stephen I did really really good and only gained 14 lbs. He weighed 8lbs 8oz and a week after he was born I was weight less than I was when I found out we were pregnant!! I nursed for 14 months and did good. After I stopped nursing my eating habits were the same, but I was not loosing the extra calories from nursing so the weight started coming back.

In March of 2010 I weighed one day and I was exactly what I was when I gave birth to Stephen. WOW was that depressing or what. From that day I kept thinking I am going to do something, but was not sure what to do! I decided to start small and cut out all of my sweat tea and sugary sodas and switch to diet sodas and water! I did good for a while, but did not see that much of a big change. I cut back some of my eating and did okay with that.

My dear friend Ruthie started doing weight watchers. I kinda got into it around May. During summer we were together alot swimming at the pool. My mother in law, Pam, was also doing weight watchers so she gave me lots of her extra goodies. I had lots of reading sources from her meetings and and extra food counter card. I started exercising. I started the biggest loser weight loss dvd with Bob Harper. I also tried walking on days were it was nice out.

This is me in March 2010. I look HUGE.
This is me in October. 35lbs lost.

This is me in November. 40lbs lost
With all the birthdays, holidays and a week in Disney I fell off track and made bad eating decisions. I am back on track and have kept my weight loss at 32 lbs off. It was so hard. Every time I turned around it was someones birthday and I have no will power. I love sweet stuff. When we were in Disney I did not try at all. I just ate and ate what ever I wanted. BIG mistake! Then it was Christmas. I baked alot during the holidays and of course ate ate ate. So between Disney and Christmas I gained back 8 pounds.
I am back on track and hope to do good. I have a personal goal that I want to meet by Easter. I would love to loose at least 12 pounds before Easter. I want to buy a new Easter Dress. I am going to continue with Weight Watchers. I don't go to meetings or do it online. I just try really hard to do it all by myself. I don't have time to go to the meetings. I would love to do it, but there is not a time slot for me.
I shared this on my blog because I thought it might help me keep accountable. I would love to once or twice a month do an update that way I know I have to stay on track. One day I want to be down more than the 12 lbs before Easter, but I want my goals to be reachable. I want to be smaller, but for right now I will set my weight loss goals small so they don't seem so out of reach and I don't want to get discouraged.

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