Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 4 Epcot

We visited Epcot and had a blast!

Jackson in front of the Epcot ball!

Our first stop was so cool. I don't remember what it was called, but you had to hurry and climb in your seat. It moved all throughout the Epcot ball. It was like a tour through time from the past to the present. I took TONS of pictures, but will spare you with just a few!

This was I think the 1970's???

Jackson liked it!!

Our next stop was really cool. We were first in line and did not have to wait long at all! This is my sister in law Holly with her daughter Jayden and my Jackson.

This was on the "motion Movie" It started off with Ellen Degeneres taking a nap and she feel asleep watching Jepordy. She left all the lights on and was not conserned with energy. She "woke up" in her dream and she was on Jepordy. She did not know any answers about the "energy" questions and so Bill Ny the science guy came backstage and was going to teach Ellen about different kinds of energy.

So the ride started during the dinosaurs time period and took us all the way into present time. It also taught us different ways to help us in the future.

This picture is taken of Jackson in his dream car!! It was taken after a GM ride. The ride took us through a "dummy crash test course" It was AWESOME!! It took us through hot temps, cold temps, bumpy roads, over 60 MPH and then a brake test.

One of my FAVORTIE things about epcot was the Tour of Countries. It was so neat to see all the different coultures in Epcot. Again I took TONS of pics so I will just share my favorites!

While we were taking a short break from all the sigh seeing we took a break to eat a snack. While we were sitting there an airplane fly by writing this in the sky!! I LOVED IT!!! If you can't read it is reads U + GOD= :)


Another thing I loved about Epcot where the tree or bush sculptures. They were in Hollywood Studios as well!

While in Epcot they had a 3D movie that we got to watch!!

Captin EO. It was with Michael Jackson!

I think the Nemo ride was one of my boys favorite!! Jackson use to love Nemo, but since Stephen does not like TV I did not know how they would like it. The LOVED it. You sat in shells and rode around watching a little piece they put together with all the Nemo characters!

Me and Jackson on the Nemo ride. He closed his eyes because the flash hurts his eyes ;)

This is what they did after the ride! See both boys with their tongue out!! Don't know where they get their craziness from!!!

We saw TONS of characters. We had heard from the Magic Kingdom that is we wanted to see characters to wait till Epcot. That was so true!!!

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