Thursday, July 19, 2012

Children TV shows

Jackson has always LOVED tv.  I guess his first tv show he fell in love with was the Wiggles.  It lasted about 2 years and we even went to see it Live for his 3rd birthday.  Stephen on the other hand has just here lately gotten interested in tv.  It first started with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and then Curious George.  The last few weeks he really likes anything on Disney.

When Jackson was younger he was aloud to watch PBS Kids and Boomerang.  He watched other shows and channels at his old baby sitter and his dads, but only PBS Kids and Boomerang at my house.  When he started Pre K he seriously begged and begged to watch Nick Jr.  I would allow him to watch a few of the morning shows because they were cartoons.  One Sunday during Sunday School I over heard a mom mention ICarly.  Jackson had begged to watch it before and I valued the other moms opinion so I started letting Jackson watch all the shows on Nick Jr.  He was 5 and a half.  Since Stephen has never really watched tv I haven't really thought more about the making sure it was all appropriate.

Since having Grace stay with us and while I sit down to feed her a bottle I have been paying more attention to the tv lately.  I have really the last 2 days just debated on no more tv.  It 1st started with the show Jessie.  Its actually one of the boys favorite shows.  Jessie is a Nannie in New York for 4 rich kids.  The oldest daughter got a magazine in the mail and was reading the quizzes.  It was probably one of those Teen Vogue or TEEN magazine I loved to get when I was a *TEEN*.  Well the girl was taking the quiz and it was something about how to stuff your bra.  I about flipped out, but just ignored it because if I drew attention to it then my kids would want to know what it was.....blah blah blah.  But seriously my oldest is 9.  Why would he need to hear about how to stuff a bra?  Stephen is 4 and he has been bra shopping with me before and by the way he wont ever go with me again, but anyways I don't really care for them hearing about stuffing your bra.  Then today while watching Phineas and Ferb they went to outer space and were at a "milk shake bar"  a real bar.  With the whole shaking drinks and bar counter and sit down at the bar and take a load off kinda bar.  Like that all happened.  Seriously.  Then they even said "sit down take a load off your asteroid"  

I know my kids would be devastated if I took their favorite shows away, but I think some of the "humor" is getting out of control.  I think its to grown up for the kids these days.  Am I the only one??  I wish there were good ole shows like I watched back when I was younger.  

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