Sunday, July 1, 2012

Night of Fire 2012

So I am really irritated about the fact that I was a really bad blogger last year and the year before.  I was hoping I could copy and paste blog post from previous years and you could read about 2010 Night of Fire and then 2011 Night of Fire.  BUT since I didn't blog about them I guess you can't read about them.  So I added 1 picture from 2010 and 2011 and now I will blog about 2012!

2010 was our first time as a family going to the Night of Fire.  I hated it!  It was hot!  (that's probably why I didn't blog about it)  We went to see Bart's cousin Cole race.  It just so happened it was a great night to go since he made it to the finals!  I snapped this picture of Jackson with his cute wrinkled up nose because he was dreaming of the day he would get to race!!  I posted this exact picture in July 2010 with the caption We went to watch Cole in Commerce. Jackson is dreaming of being a jr dragster!!!  My mom replied back to the picture He looks like he is planning his destiny!
Little did we know he was planning his destiny!  2011 was his year at the Night of Fire!  He was in the finals as well.  He lost to Austin Carden, but it was still awesome to be in the finals at the Night of Fire!!

We started watching the weather for the weekend and knew it was going to be a hot one!  Like 104 hot!

We made Jackson stay in the trailer as much as possible.  We drank lots of water, used our frog towel alot, listened to music, prayed and ate watermelon!

When it was time to go we still drank lots of water, had our frog towel and had a spray water fan and a boxed fan in his car.  We also had an umbrella.

We got new stickers, but we aren't in love with them.  Wrong color and the stamp is suppose to say Racing exactly like our shirts.  But they obviously don't look exactly like them, but anyways I still had to take a picture.  Right??

One of Jackson's favorite things to do.  A burn out!

We lost and went out 1st round.  :( bummer

We quickly got over that and decided to make the best of the day!!

We found out later that they were going to let the juniors do exhibition runs!

Jackson didn't want his picture taken.......

so I kept taking pictures till he would look at me and smile!

It only took 3.  He has learned to hurry up and make mama happy!!

The crowd clearly wasn't as big as the Southern Nationals , but who really wants to be outside when its that hot!!

I love this picture.  You can't really tell, but the sun was going down and it was just beautiful!!

We were in this same position last year during the Finals!!

They had the normal Junior pull off section closed so the kids had to drive their cars all the way down the track.  I think Jackson LOVED that!!

Jackson still in his suit and helmet going to socialize!!  Where does he get that???

Jackson finally took his helmet off!!

Alot of the juniors went around selling raffle tickets for Bristol.  At the end of the night  they did a 50/50 drawing.  

Jackson held the box full of tickets!

After everything was over they had fireworks!!

Stephen and Hunter.  

Mommy and Stephen!

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