Friday, March 5, 2010

Dr. Seuss Celebration @ school

This week at school the kids were able to celebrate Dr. Suess!! Each day was different and since we were out for snow 2 days we did not get to do everything. Jackson was looking forward to this week, but Mother Nature does her own thing!!

I realize the 2 red's don't match, but oh well!! He normally does not dress like that. He has a very good sense of style!! (yeah right!!!!!) I just cut out a circle and wrote on it and sewed it onto a red shirt. Super easy costume idea. I even called Walmart last night to see if they had blue hair spray.

This was taken with my camera phone so not very good quality. I thought it was a close up of the hair. It took LOTS and LOTS of gel and hairspray to get it like this. I imagine it only stayed like this for about an hour into school!!!

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