Saturday, March 6, 2010

Friday Fun!!!

Stephen having a good ole time picking up rocks out of the turtle!! Then putting the rocks in the bobcat.

Then dumping the bobcat in the dump truck!!

Making vroom vroom noises!! I think he has watched his daddy work way to much. This kid loves bobcats and dump trucks!! I guess Bart has raised him in hopes of Stephen working for the family business one day??

I can see him being a part of Skelton INC can't you??

Stephen petting the cat as gentle as he can!!!

Then he goes in for the grab!! This poor cat!!!

He tries toting him around like a sack of tators!!

OPPS!! just about dropped him buddy!!

He will just put him on the picnic table since he can't hold him very long!!

Stephen enjoying the slide!!!

Matt likes playing peek a boo!!

Stephen climbed on Jacksons bike!! His boot got stuck, but he had fun climbing!!

Opps this got misplaced!!!! But eventually he got the cat on the table. He also was able to poke the cats eyes and the cat nipped at his finger and scratched him. He really does love the cat. I promise!!

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