Thursday, March 25, 2010

Have ya'll missed me???

We have been busy bees around here. The weather has been pretty so we have spent alot of our time outside playing.

We had to run to Walmart and pick up food for a funeral and everyone was commenting on how well the little ones were acting. Jackson was at school so it was just me, Matt and little Stevie!!!
In the morning before it warms up we play inside. They had a ball riding each other around on the dump truck!!

Popsicles are a must in the hot afternoons!!!

This little man enjoyed swinging, sliding and bothering the cat!!!

This dude enjoyed playing in the rocks, swinging and tormenting his little brother

I have been trying to get organized with my sales and coupons. I finished cleaning the rental trailer. Jackson started baseball this week. So its been a little crazy around here!! Hopefully it will settle down and I can be a good blogger again!!!!

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