Friday, March 5, 2010

Sneaky Stephen!!!

Last week Stephen was into everything. Some days he pulls all the books off the shelves while some days he just empties the toy box. The other days he is trying to mess up Jackson's room or he takes toy by toy out of the play room and into the living room.
He also likes to go and climb in unusual places. This is our lego table. He likes to sit on it and read or play.

I am thankful we have a 4th bedroom that I can set aside as a toy room. The door knob is actually broken and has been since shortly after we moved in. It works in my advantage. It worked out real well last year for Jackson that if he got in trouble he could not have toy time for how ever long. So I could just take the door knob off and well he could not get in. On other days when I am overwhelmed and don't feel like looking at the room or cleaning it I can take it off and well.........outa site outa mind!! Then there are days that Stephen empties the play room so all the toys end up on the couch or kitchen or where ever. So I can take it off when he reaches full capacity in the other rooms!! Some might call that bad mom tactics, but hey I do what I can to stay sane!!! The kids have way to many toys and I am a hoarder. We still have all of Jackson's toys from when he was small, plus all of Stephen's toys from the past 2 years. I am going to tackle the room soon and take several bags to the thrift store!

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