Saturday, March 6, 2010

I thought I was a good mother!!!!

I had him in my belly for almost 9 months.
I nursed him for 14 months.
I change all his diapers.
Wipe his snotty nose.
Lay down with him till he is asleep.
Get up with him every night.
Get him DILK (milk) @ 2 a.m.
Hold him whenever he wants me to.
Play with him all the time.
And he decides that he is leaving me. Thats right folks! He escaped me. Both locks on the door and all. Walked out bare foot and all carrying his own diaper, cell phone in pocket and a few other toys. I heard the door shut, I ran to the laundry room and he was past the car walking off. He was ready to see his Mimi (my mom) and he was not waiting on me any more. And yes I did take this picture. I do like to document silly things that happen in our life! He was snotty nosed and all.

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  1. This has got to be the most beautiful picture. Of course, I love being the Meme he was going to see. I loved your comments about I gave birth to him, etc. It is at those times that you wonder, then a little kiss from those babies, and you are finished again... LOVE! Does the heart good. Too cute for words!


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