Tuesday, March 2, 2010

snow day!!!! (WARNING: picture overload)

We got up this morning and decided to go get a biscuit. Bart loves to play in the snow so we took the truck out and looked at some bobcat jobs up in the mountains. I thought this small road was so pretty and so we got the boys out and took a few pics!!

Jackson!!! Stephen loved getting out of the truck and playing for a few minutes!!

Dancing in the truck!!

After playing in the truck we decided to go and have some real fun with the boys!!!

Starting to make the snowman

Jackson starting to make the head of the snowman!!

Stephen liked throwing snowballs at his momma!! The snowman got a little heavy so they had to get the bobcat to lift the last 2 pieces up!!!

Stephen loved eating the snow!!

Jackson making some kind of silly face!!

We played at my in laws today and I forgot to pack so many things. One of them being gloves!!!

Stephen and Jackson throwing snowballs!!

Jackson dancing on his knees in the snow!! and Stephen eating the snow!!

UH! OH! Bubba just got busted with a snowball!!!

Jackson had the snowball in his mouth....................

then Stephen stole it and put it in his mouth.............

then spit it out!!!!!!!!!! Gross I know!!

Several pictures of the boys with the 7 1/2 foot snowman they built @ nana and papas!!! This is the final result!! Looks pretty good!!! I sent this picture to my fox 5 Atlanta and the weather channel! Hopefully they will share the picture on tv!!!

Papa with his boys!!

Jackson with the snowman

Stephen was more interested in the 4wheeler going by.

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  1. that is seriously the best snowman ever!!!!!


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