Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fun Friday!!

The kids were out of school on Friday so Thursday night we had the Blocker boys over! Jackson and Stephen ADORE these 2 little boys so its always a pleasure to have them over!!! Its even better because their mom is my BFF!!! They are very well behaved and ALWAYS use their Yes Ma'am No Ma' am and Please and Thank you skills!!! The 3 big boys had alot of fun playing the Wii!! They built tents!!!

And they drug Stephen around and even Caleb too!!!


Friday morning was more fun!! They woke up at 4:30 and I sent them back to bed. Then at 6:30 they woke up again and they were ready to play! :( So we got up and I made breakfast and they played. After lunch we had ice cream and the boys were making such a mess!! It started with Stephen then Ethan then Jackson then Caleb!! They had a great time! We are so blessed to have such great friend with great kids that share in our beliefs. Its nice to have good Christian friends these days and the Blockers are a wonderful example of Godly people!

This is actually a "Clean" picture of Stephen. He needed a bath after he was done. He had it on his chest and belly!!

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