Thursday, March 25, 2010

Juli's good deals of the week!!! (CVS, PUBLIX, WALGREENS)

I have been researching ways to save the last few months but here recently I have been looking @ She helps find good deals and gives good tips on saving money!! I am luvin her website. Check it out if you haven't yet!!! These are my good deals of the week!! Can't beat paying .12 & .13 cents per diaper. I was buying Diapers at Sams and it would average .22 a diaper for Huggies.

3 packs of Pampers diapers
3bottles of St Ives Lotion
1 Crest
1 Colgate
Total Spent $20.55
Total Saved $43.32
Plus I have an ECB(extra care buck) for $3.00to use next time!!
I used a coupon for EVERYTHING!! Walgreens -

1 Pack of Quattro Razors
1 Bottle of ALL
2 Packs of Vanity Fair Napkins
2 Bottles of Windex
4 Packs of Vanity Fair Plates
2 Packs of Panty Hose(2 pairs in each pack)
2 Deodorants
2 Dr Scholls Insolls
3 Packs of Huggies Diapers
2 Bottles of Pledge

Total Spent $58.31
Total Saved $83.40
Plus I have $6.00 in Register Rewards for next trip
I used a coupon for EVERYTHING!

2 bags of Tostitos Scoops
2 V8 Fusions
2 boxes of Teddy Graham snacks packs
2 bags of frozen breaded chicken tenders
1 Lysol spray
2 packs of Oscar Meyer wieners
1 Dove Conditioner
1 Dove hair spray
2 boxes of Lance Crackers
1 Dutch Apple pie (for Church)
1 box of Total Raisin bran cereal
1 tub of Blue Bell ice cream (for church)

Total spent $33.14
Total saved $57.34
I had a coupon for everything but the apple pie, ice cream and the 2 packs of crackers!!

Spent for the week $112
Saved for the week $184.06
Saved 61%


  1. I used to buy diapers at Costco. Now when people tell me it's the cheapest place to buy diapers I just laugh! I stocked up on diapers just like you this week at CVS and Walgreens!

    Thanks for linking!

  2. Great job! You'll find that using coupons and getting great deals is very addictive!

    Thanks for stopping by Wednesday Weekly Shopping at Frugal Follies!

  3. Yes I saved atleast $10 by not buy from Sams. To some people $10 is not that much, but you add it up every 3 weeks or so and its a good amount!!!

  4. I love hearing about your savings. Great job! I absolutely LOVE saving money and getting a bargain. It must run in the family. Doing a great job as a Mother, and being a super saver. That is not an easy job - it means work! But look at your returns. Great job!


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